Rehabilitation means integration:

Our primary goal is to enable people with disabilities to participate in professional as well as social life. Our professional measures support an individual’s ability to help themselves, so that every person undergoing rehabilitation can actively take their life into their own hands.

Recognised as a comparable rehabilitation facility in accordance with Social Security Code IX § 35, we provide integrated rehabilitation measures customised to every individual participant by our highly qualified team of experts.

SALO + PARTNER stands for close cooperation with rehabilitation providers and companies based on trust. We prepare company concepts for integration and create perfectly tailored solutions that are individually customised to every individual's personal requirements. We support the empowerment and autonomous development of individuals undergoing rehabilitation and help to stabilise or re-establish their networks in working and social life.

Overview of the types of health issues

Our offers of occupational rehabilitation are individual concepts that target specific health issues based on our principles of occupational rehabilitation.
SALO + PARTNER successfully work with:

    • Hearing disabilities
     • Psychological disabilities
   • Neurological disabilities
    • Autistic impairments
    • Individuals with ADHD
    • Trisomy 21
    • Workplace alternatives for disabled individuals