Alternatives to a workshop for disabled people (WfbM)

For many people with disabilities, whether these are physical or psychological disabilities, the job path often leads directly to a workshop for disabled people (Werkstatt für behinderte Menschen: WfbM) at the end of the training period.

This may be the right path for many individuals. However, there are some disabled people for whom this solution represents a permanent lack of stimulation and who earn their opportunity to participate in the primary labour market with appropriate assistance. Our MeineChance@SALO (MyOpportunity@SALO) programme provides support in this area.

MeineChance@SALO is an adaptation of the established “supported employment” programme from Great Britain where it has successfully integrated several thousand disabled people from sheltered institutions into businesses.

MeineChance@SALO is based on three pillars:

• Analysis and development of employability

• Medium-term support in working life

• Long-term financial support for the regular workplace