We speak many languages

Since 1991, SALO+PARTNER has established a national reputation in the occupational rehabilitation of people with a hearing disability with comprehensive specialist knowledge and great long-term success. Our offers support the following groups of people:

the deaf
• the hard of hearing
• late-deafened individuals
• individuals with a Cochlear implant
• individuals with auditory processing and perception disorders (AVWS, in English: APD/CPD)

Our highly qualified support staff members are familiar with German Sign Language and receive regular training (e.g. courses/training/presentation on acoustics, audiometry, education of the hearing impaired). All necessary assistance, such as sign language interpreters in class, or technical tools, such as inductive loop systems, is provided if required. A primary focus is on working with individuals with hearing disabilities to gain new insights into their potentials, e.g.

• vocational orientation and prospects
• strengths/weaknesses analysis
• communication, behavioural and application training
• external assessment

We also supplement our specialist knowledge with close cooperation with institutions such as the Deutscher Gehörlosenbund (German Association for the Deaf) as well as regional associations for the deaf and hard of hearing. Our unique selling point is our focus on staying close to home and our vocational orientation. Our use of individual concepts means that we can implement our training courses and integration measures for all appropriate professions for every single individual with a hearing disability. We cover the entire spectrum, from simple assistant activities to training tradespeople or businesspeople through to IT specialists, for example.

Auditory processing and perception disorders (AVWS, APD/CPD) are defined by a sensory impairment that is not due to a reduction in normal hearing. In particular, young people with this diagnosis have an increased need for assistance as part of their job preparation and training period. This is where SALO+PARTNER comes in: individuals undergoing rehabilitation receive special support as part of the occupational rehabilitation in a facility that has the necessary technical, human resource and professional requirements. Many of the specific measures for hearing-impaired individuals at SALO+PARTNER help to offset and balance deficits in areas of auditory perception. All the offers provided by SALO+PARTNER are intended for both adults as well as young people and focus on establishing equivalent conditions for people with a hearing impairment on the job market compared to people with normal hearing.