Finding our way with individual structures

Since 2004, SALO+PARTNER has been working with young people, young adults and adults with the following diagnoses:

Asperger’s syndrome

• „High functioning“ - autism

• Atypical autism

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 Angela Holtze
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Our AuReA@SALO (Autism – Rehabilitation – Work) rehabilitation programme aims to create individual integration processes based on an autism-specific development program in order to smooth the path into the primary labour market. Our concept includes initial vocational integration and rehabilitation with the aim of integrating our individuals undergoing rehabilitation into the primary labour market.

The programme has been specifically developed for individuals with autism and includes the transferral of basic occupational skills with the corresponding personal orientation and development of the individual and focuses on providing a placement in an occupational training programme or a workplace at the individual's place of residence. Close cooperation with our customers’ social environment (family, support facilities, etc.) is essential to ensure that all those involved back and support realistic prospects for the future.

Everyday life in the SALO+PARTNER AuReA competence centres in Neumünster, Berlin, Ludwigshafen, Neubrandenburg, Cologne and Magdeburg is characterised by a combination of occupational  learning levels in the training area with practical independence training in the home. We also pursue this approach for outpatient participants. This ensures the optimal development of the greatest possible independence in everyday professional life and is expertly supported by our committed team of experts in the competence centres. An inpatient part at the start of the rehabilitation process can be essential to establish the necessary stability for outpatient occupational rehabilitation, especially for younger individuals undergoing rehabilitation. Across the country, the further progress of the vocational integration process in everyday working life in the individual's hometown is ensured via the SALO+PARTNER subsidiaries.

The necessary support, follow-up assistance and after-care as well as the establishment of networked support systems in the hometown are individually implemented. An appropriately trained staff is available; members of which receive technical support from the experts in the competence centre.

Our programme progresses in modules based on the different prior knowledge and the personal requirements of our clientele. It represents an individualised aid for vocational integration by employment agencies or other rehabilitation providers and provides ongoing integration. Our experience shows that individuals with autism spectrum disorders have a very good chance of integrating into the primary labour market.

We work closely together with Autismus e.V. Germany, with the local autism treatment centres (ATZ), research institutions from various universities specialising in autism and therapists and social workers in the various institutions for people with an autistic spectrum disorder.