Reach your full potential with targeted individual development

Since 1991 we have been focused on the vocational integration of individuals for whom access to the general labour market often remains closed due to their disability. This includes individuals with the chromosomal disorder trisomy 21. Those affected generally display physical characteristics and their cognitive skills are impaired to varying extents. Some individuals with trisomy 21 complete their mainstream education, most can read and write and many develop skills and abilities that are useful in professional life. We prepare an individual path into the labour market together with the individual undergoing rehabilitation as well as involving parents and therapists in the process.

After analysing the existing skills, interests and competencies by way of discussions, observations in everyday life and by combining exercises and training courses, we prepare a development plan that includes occupational training, as well as the development of cognitive and social competencies and that supports the development of self-competence and everyday life skills. Occupational aptitude is determined at an early stage as part of work placements. These are organised by us and allow the individual undergoing rehabilitation to try out fields of activity that align to their interests. We always consider the individual psychophysical capacity of the individuals undergoing rehabilitation and ensure that the demands of the work trials correspond to the individual’s capabilities.

After developing a matching job description we start with occupational training. The participant now undergoes intensive training in their area of activity and is constantly supported by the rehabilitation coach. To ensure that work placements are successful, we place particular importance on preparing company employees for the cooperation with the individual undergoing rehabilitation and eliminating reservations. The work tasks are discussed and defined in detail prior to commencing training and the rehabilitation coach supports the individual undergoing rehabilitation during the integration process. During the entire programme, the individual undergoing rehabilitation receives assistance and support in mastering their work tasks as well as for social integration. We support the establishment of contacts and the development of the full potential of the individuals undergoing rehabilitation. Our philosophy is that long-term vocational integration is not just about getting individuals into work, but also about supporting individual resources that enable the individuals undergoing rehabilitation to permanently master their work tasks.