Integration instead of separation with

individual outpatient occupational rehabilitation (ABE)

SALO+PARTNER specialises in the rehabilitation and integration of special individual cases. In many cases this refers to people with multiple disabilities. We have consolidated these cases under the programme name ABE@SALO (ABE = individual outpatient occupational rehabilitation). This allows our team of experts to give an opportunity to people for whom rehabilitation and integration in line with the needs of disabled people would otherwise be virtually impossible.
ABE@SALO reinforces the established characteristics of the SALO rehabilitation concept:

    • Individual rehabilitation instead of peer pressure

    • As an outpatient in their hometown or even in the affected individual’s home if required

    • Individual rehabilitation concepts

    • Immediate activities and long-term plans

    • Extremely flexible and mobile approach

    • Business reality instead of a “sheltered bubble”

    • Realistic objectives

    • Expert knowledge of the regional labour market

   • Strengthening of the abilities and potentials of our participants

   • Development of self-management and detachment from social security systems