Job success with the right boundary conditions


ADHD refers to an attention or hyperactivity disorder that can affect young people, young adults and adults in equal measure. Individuals with ADHD require solid structures and boundary conditions that are necessary and appropriate to meet the requirements for participating in professional life.

SALO+PARTNER provides individuals with ADHD, who have no diagnosed learning difficulty, a specific programme that is tailored to their individual needs: our successful ADHS@SALO (ADHD@SALO) programme. Our rehabilitation team of experienced psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists and specialist lecturers is supported by the medical service. This means that we can also provide support for participants with disorders that are often associated with ADHD, such as anxiety, depression, social behaviour disorders, tic disorders or partial performance weaknesses. Our education and training phases are specially tailored to meet the requirements of individuals with ADHD. Small groups, individual development and special exercise units in our training workshops mean that we can provide appropriate structures in order to ensure the success of the individual development steps.

An early focus on operational solutions lets us create “real situations” in the real working world from the very start so that we can jointly develop appropriate strategies that continue to provide support outside our protective framework as early as possible. Our aim is to enable integration in the primary labour market and provide occupational training for young people. Our rehabilitation team has established close links to regional companies in order to put the necessary requirements in place with potential employers by providing support and training. We play an active role in networks consisting of universities and authorities, hospitals, physicians and therapists as well as other consulting and support services. This allows us to construct a stable framework for the future together with the individual undergoing rehabilitation, relatives and the rehabilitation providers.

ADHS@SALO is divided into two modules: an initial education and training section is followed by development and job placement.